$50 Go Kart Build 2.0!!
Curt Hook
Curt Hook 5 orë më parë
Been watching your channel for over a year and never realized I wasn’t subscribed
Zxx Cvv
Zxx Cvv 6 orë më parë
that shaft could crash legs if it break
Toby Dyes
Toby Dyes 6 orë më parë
Stubby that's what she said
brett j
brett j 6 orë më parë
De ja vue
brett j
brett j 6 orë më parë
Well this is click bait as of today yeah 🤔🤔
Toby Dyes
Toby Dyes 6 orë më parë
It's $1 Drew hasn't been Bob for 10 years
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine 6 orë më parë
Bob was better
Sparthan Kitty
Sparthan Kitty 6 orë më parë
If you tossed some gas capped coilovers it wouldn't have that slow return. that's affiliated with a hydrolic type shock absorber/coilover. It will be fine it's much softer but if you abuse to much the fluid could aerate and it loses all capabilities that it once had as a shock. Because of poor heat Management. Get a nitro capped shock they should be just as cheap or around there and they won't bottom out your build ;)
JonBoy Bear
JonBoy Bear 6 orë më parë
I want to see another try at a amphibious go kart.
Will Sullivan
Will Sullivan 6 orë më parë
Did you really just say “tbh”? That’s it, I’m unsubscribing
Devan H
Devan H 6 orë më parë
Boy you guys' video sure gets in the way of all the adds i was trying to watch.....
Joshua Bellinger
Joshua Bellinger 7 orë më parë
Looks beautiful
kevin auman
kevin auman 7 orë më parë
Bruh, that bearing set was leaking oil all over the wooden table and you just tossed it in that pkg on top of a t-shirt???
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine 6 orë më parë
We wiped it off
Tommy John
Tommy John 7 orë më parë
Is that Ryan from the office
Mitch C.
Mitch C. 8 orë më parë
Which should I get to mod for a small buggy, gy6 or a 212? The 420cc's seem to be slow for being like 3x the cc's.
tavio ordonez
tavio ordonez 9 orë më parë
you guys should build a mini tank
charrel911 9 orë më parë
Супер ! Понравилась ваша техника !
Jeffrey Bamford
Jeffrey Bamford 10 orë më parë
Build a buggy with a passenger seat some off chops motor like a Hayabusa maybe .
lucas gerbelot
lucas gerbelot 10 orë më parë
That hurts my hands looking at Issac putting on the fiberglass wrap by hand😫
Puk's Crow Talks
Puk's Crow Talks 11 orë më parë
give the pov multitasking a miss blokes.... puk from downunder
Warfighter Racing
Warfighter Racing 11 orë më parë
You guys simply don't understand how effective of a heatshield a couple layers of aluminum foil pressed, with a couple washers as spacers, cheese cloth, and another couple pressed layers of foil(for air gaps), like this: I:I:I its how they do it around jet engines, works up to 1200C, only a couple mils and works fantastic and cheaper than header wrap
Graham Chapman
Graham Chapman 11 orë më parë
Just bite the bullet and build a limo kart
AHMED AL FALAHGY 11 orë më parë
Honda CBR 919 alpost.info/mine/nNPYtWnMoWWUgGQ/video
Fast Fatty
Fast Fatty 11 orë më parë
Radio control it then see how far it could jump
Ktm boy15
Ktm boy15 11 orë më parë
Build a mini drag bike or car
ShelbyKingNFS 12 orë më parë
AAAAAYYYYY Princess Bride reference! Men of culture I see
Robert Zavitz
Robert Zavitz 12 orë më parë
Is it just me or do these two feel more like employer and employee now its just awkward between them
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine 6 orë më parë
Its just you
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell 12 orë më parë
Mud truck chassis go-kart powered by 670?
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell 13 orë më parë
Go-kart tank? Or a return of the mower?
HPD bro 5
HPD bro 5 13 orë më parë
Build a burnout kart
Saul Rodriguez
Saul Rodriguez 13 orë më parë
I think those predator springs were not stock. Probably 18lbs springs. Stock predator springs I believe are 10-11lbs you should be able to squeeze those the same as the briggs one.
Philip Cockram
Philip Cockram 13 orë më parë
Mini Ripsaw Tank for the next build .
Gopher Vlogs
Gopher Vlogs 13 orë më parë
It preforms like a little trophy truck, the trophy cart needs suspension that behaves like this
Blastedlife420 13 orë më parë
so when yall hit 1 mil subs and get that real money yall gonna start building cars or just get lazy and do nothing
Gordon Wright
Gordon Wright 13 orë më parë
you guys need to add a skid plate to the bottom where the sprocket is.
inapro webs
inapro webs 13 orë më parë
18:21 the android
Christopher Lueckenhoff
Christopher Lueckenhoff 13 orë më parë
Are the changes yall made to the steering actually better? It seems like there is hardly any throw at all now and you have to move the wheel so far just to get what little there is.
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine 6 orë më parë
It behaves better
Christopher DeSoto
Christopher DeSoto 14 orë më parë
Finish the Drag Rail Build a Rear Engine Drag Rail Race Each Other
PW 14 orë më parë
Isaac, I am really digging the beard. 👍
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine 6 orë më parë
ACMESOUND WV 14 orë më parë
Paul S
Paul S 14 orë më parë
We'll we be seeing Isaac playing Santa at a local mall?
Gibson Mills
Gibson Mills 14 orë më parë
I have an 83’ Yamaha tri moto 200 I just restored
sammorgan31 14 orë më parë
Cera Kote makes a DIY ceramic coating for headers.
Scott Haggard
Scott Haggard 14 orë më parë
I'll be ur crash test dummy
Austin Gray
Austin Gray 15 orë më parë
I’ve been watching y’all since I was a kid and I always thought y’alls shit was cool, but y’all are grown men build something badass and throw 37s or 40s on it. I mean come on y’all pretty smart.
Jeremy P
Jeremy P 15 orë më parë
You guys manufacture Broncos faster than Ford can! Imagine that!
HouseOfThe8Strings 15 orë më parë
This thing is honestly an engineering masterpiece
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine 6 orë më parë
J B 15 orë më parë
Do Ikes next!
James Francois
James Francois 15 orë më parë
What type of torque converter do you use
let's fish bish!!
let's fish bish!! 15 orë më parë
Ducarti and bronco hands down my favorite. Not top 5 builds cause they are all awesome vehicles. Chicago native happy to take this ride during this series
galieric 16 orë më parë
Build something with that 670 .. can't wait :)
Kevin Gaines
Kevin Gaines 16 orë më parë
Try a Chevy power wheels next time
Thomas Unruh
Thomas Unruh 16 orë më parë
Some serious body roll there buddy
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine 15 orë më parë
Yep. No sway bars
J B 16 orë më parë
Ike rockin that beard
Mort Neff
Mort Neff 16 orë më parë
Why not a 6 or 8 wheeled swamp buggy! maybe one that swims!!!
Chris Howard
Chris Howard 16 orë më parë
Head-mounted GoPro...today’s free advice.
Social Xperiment
Social Xperiment 17 orë më parë
Also, y’all should put a wide body kit on that sucker
Dead Herrings
Dead Herrings 17 orë më parë
Always have a good time here. We have our first of two TM MB200's delivered and running. Second test ride ended in a bent headlight, with mud and grass garnish. Didn't matter. We laugh it off and realize we more mature folks don't bounce so well. I'm 66 and Momma is 56. It's just another adventure. I don't know squat about engines but like the learning experience.
Social Xperiment
Social Xperiment 17 orë më parë
10:10 “idk how it does it, but it does it” thoughtful input from Isaac, thank you
Steve Waters
Steve Waters 17 orë më parë
Like me build a f-6 honda powered chinese buggy, well I am still in the process.
frederic rike
frederic rike 18 orë më parë
Cross cart V 2.0, 919cc 4cyl, water cooled and sized to fit Isaac! Nuff said! And yes, the Bronco is sweet and after you and Isaac have a few thoughts you will figure out where that remaining 5 mph is! The new building looks hard to get in and out of where is presently located- you might want to spread it out a little more!
Kowboy USA
Kowboy USA 18 orë më parë
Hey hey we're the Monkeys and people say we monkey around!
Brady Hicks
Brady Hicks 18 orë më parë
Shifter minibike
Mike Orange
Mike Orange 18 orë më parë
Working on a dirty bike with. Out cleaning it it’s a sin
N Henderson
N Henderson 18 orë më parë
POV wrenching for the acceptable win. your right it's not great but it is acceptable
Martin Blackburn
Martin Blackburn 18 orë më parë
you have a clutch problem your clutch close too fast and your belt is too long
ZippyThing Invention
ZippyThing Invention 18 orë më parë
Request: FWD transaxle mounted sideways to act as the transfer case in an AWD buggy.
bull wilkesman
bull wilkesman 19 orë më parë
Put one end of the heat wrap in a vise and hold the header , rolling it to wrap it .. After the first few wraps you can pull as hard as you want and get it NICE an tight
Cole Zeh
Cole Zeh 19 orë më parë
I like the POV wrench. View
Nick 04
Nick 04 19 orë më parë
Whats the music you guys used? sounds amazing
Koby Ballard
Koby Ballard 19 orë më parë
Y’all should do the snowmobile motor go kart
Jon Wodziak
Jon Wodziak 19 orë më parë
I honestly want to see you guys build a basic yard kart with a semi built 212 with slightly bigger tires than a standard kart.
James Hatfield
James Hatfield 19 orë më parë
Mini cooper s r53 are fine iv got two of them
TechHead97 19 orë më parë
8:38 oh yeah I do lol 🔥
William pittman
William pittman 19 orë më parë
Hey!!!, watch out for the legendary, ( wet foot) he's been known to frequent the outer banks area.....
Budget Adventures
Budget Adventures 19 orë më parë
Whatever happened to this one?!
Eli Renigar
Eli Renigar 19 orë më parë
Very cool build. These types of toys would be superb for young riders and off-road enthusiasts.
William pittman
William pittman 19 orë më parë
Hey!!!!!!, as long as you drag a cooler up to the edge of the water 💧, and enough area to sling a bottom- rig baited with a little bit of ( ska- rim - pss ) , ( slang as a mo- fo !!!!! ), anyway, believe me!, yall got plenty of area to fish, camp and over all , party till the cows come home 🏡 😒 , or the tide comes in, I hope that I wasn't the only one who said anything about the tide!!!, sheees!!!!!, land- lubbers!!!!..... Ha- ha!!!, na, it will be fine......, just try not to get a fine 🙃.....
Cee64E 19 orë më parë
Straight exhaust stack. Just stick it straight up in the air. Put one of those flapper valves on it...
GPM 19 orë më parë
Great results for such a compact build .. would love to see what you could do if you scaled this design up - 4wd bike engine power ... :)
Robertbo4god 20 orë më parë
Tightens muffler bolt just to loosen it 5 seconds later