Tolner Racing
Tolner Racing 19 orë më parë
White walls whoold look very clean
Law Dogg
Law Dogg 19 orë më parë
Thanks for your videos I’m in the go carts and I’ve learned a lot from you guys.
chilly cheeze#2
chilly cheeze#2 19 orë më parë
Random but does anyone have an 88 yz125 head theyd sell? Thanks been looking all over the web🤷‍♂️
Dark dragon
Dark dragon 19 orë më parë
I saw you drive by my house this afternoon
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 19 orë më parë
Y'all make the greatest videos and y'all do great things keep up the good work guys cars and cameras rules
T. L. Parker
T. L. Parker 20 orë më parë
Hey guys. I watch you guys religiously. I work at a motorsports shop in N.S. Canada. Was just thinking, if you want nice, even splatter effect, next time try using a tooth brush and your thunb.
kmart014 20 orë më parë
Yall inspire me to keep my gokart and get a coleman ct200u. I now want a rascal with a 225 tillotson
Thicc Ricc
Thicc Ricc 20 orë më parë
Sweet bike guys! When are they gonna get tires for the public though?
kmart014 20 orë më parë
What engine is that?
Mad-Duk Machine Werkes
Mad-Duk Machine Werkes 20 orë më parë
the ARC of the fenders is way too different than the size of the tires, looks like crap-
Dan Coffman.
Dan Coffman. 20 orë më parë
Is that kid the next Jeremy Dewitte?
Random Dude
Random Dude 20 orë më parë
walmart has large complete coleman mini bikes for $599.00... engine included!
Mike Fn Garage
Mike Fn Garage 20 orë më parë
Fisherman Derek
Fisherman Derek 21 orë më parë
If you think that will put perform a 20hp predator than come the fuck over and will race
William Mayes lll
William Mayes lll 21 orë më parë
Sick unit
dillon hodges
dillon hodges 21 orë më parë
For your reference: These bikes tend to be a bit cold blooded with the power commander. It helps to hold the starter button a bit after it has started.
Lee Lane
Lee Lane 21 orë më parë
An idea for clean builds Put a piece of clear plastic (computer screen protecter) on engine plate to help protect the paint before installing new engine.
nofucksgavin 21 orë më parë
Who's e39 is that?! Great color!
Nick Rudd
Nick Rudd 21 orë më parë
I love candys.
Frank Geimer
Frank Geimer 22 orë më parë
Good Show Guys!! The mini bike turned out great!
Kende Simon
Kende Simon 22 orë më parë
SEEEEEEEESH , now that is really cool !
Sharky's Garage - RC and More
Sharky's Garage - RC and More 22 orë më parë
Go power sports needs to offer Chromed handlebars as an option...
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 22 orë më parë
was the mystery box ever sorted out as to its actual purpose? looks like a PTO drive adaptor...which aren't meant for the speeds you guys can hit...what solution did you come up with?
Luis Rosado
Luis Rosado 23 orë më parë
Wow I have a 13 horsepower small go-kart
Randi Gustavson
Randi Gustavson 23 orë më parë
Switch the rear wheels/tires, put the good tread on the engine side.
Shawn gipson
Shawn gipson 23 orë më parë
Do you have a video on how the torque converter and gas pedal work together
Mr. Gold
Mr. Gold Ditë më parë
Stop showing the punch at the beginning please!
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman Ditë më parë
Have you ever done a chopper Captain America 🇺🇸 style? If so what episode. Keep up the good work!!!
Partap Sidhu
Partap Sidhu Ditë më parë
We love the mini bike video !!! We need more Ike and John
OrangeSnooze Ditë më parë
Did he use the old belt?
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Ditë më parë
WAI YU NO sleep on that mattress (without a sleeping bag)?
Rodolee James
Rodolee James Ditë më parë
I like the sound of the cozie coupe but I'd more likely want a go cart done with the engine and back wheels but the cart wud have to b made to fit bcuz I'm 6'2
Jako8557 Ditë më parë
You guys can do your own powder coating at home. Just get an old second hand oven, and buy a (cheap ??) powder coating gun. The powder you buy will have guidelines for the baking time and temperature. Once you have done it a few times, you will be good to go.
spotopolis Ditë më parë
Wait! Does the kit come with everything I need?
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Ditë më parë
5:00 Cue Deliverance banjo/guitar... :-/
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Ditë më parë
500 miles on a CT70: Feels like 50,000 miles on a GSX1400 ;-)
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Ditë më parë
"Honey, I shrunk the Bikes" ;-)
jackpotvmc Ditë më parë
Great job
Michael Bishop
Michael Bishop Ditë më parë
please build one of these Rosati Loris Ape Proto 600 - Allenamento con Martina Biagiotti
jackpotvmc Ditë më parë
That seems really high when you have to put a motor in it and paint it.
Rougaroux Ditë më parë
I am now more proud to be a subscriber of this channel. To see John and IKE raise money for charity means a lot to me. Thank you for all you guys do. I would like to have y’all build a custom Yamaha street legal mini bike. I am not a fan of Honda by any means. I know you all are and it’s not your fault. 😜. Keep up the great work and I cannot wait to see what comes next as always.
Darren Rasmussen
Darren Rasmussen Ditë më parë
Make sure yaz put oil in the new transmission
Jeff Ackley
Jeff Ackley Ditë më parë
How about a three wheeled version of the Rascal? I don't think it would be too difficult to do.
Jill Nelson
Jill Nelson Ditë më parë
Just barely beet me
Acura RL
Acura RL Ditë më parë
Test drive a bike at minimum aggressiveness and come to conclusion of all these stats is just amazing
Acura RL
Acura RL Ditë më parë
That’s One way to assure you’ll vapor lock that engine with putting fuel lines on engine. Made that mistake myself for neatness and had issues
Acura RL
Acura RL Ditë më parë
Awesome lil build guys. Header exhaust gasket?
Busted Knuckles Builds
Busted Knuckles Builds Ditë më parë
Great job , sweet bike
ncwarrior62 Ditë më parë
Fantastic video guys! We always learn so much from you guys!! Thanks
Oklahoma outlaw Fishin
Oklahoma outlaw Fishin Ditë më parë
That’s a bad ass mower right there
Topher Nuttle
Topher Nuttle Ditë më parë
Also,1991 called,they want that splatter paint back....lol....done...❤
Tasha Teeling
Tasha Teeling Ditë më parë
How many hammers do I need to gather along with my $2k in order to assemble this beauty. I'm a showpiece and it's only fitting I have an easy to assemble show stopper to match. Can I save a few bucks by getting bearings instead of the high quality bushings? I have a friend whose trained to hammer those in properly
Topher Nuttle
Topher Nuttle Ditë më parë
I'm curious as to why Yawl don't have some CnC custom builds for the public Yourselves guys?? I know regular jobs are an issue but I'd gladly get on a payment plan and pay it down for about anything decent Yawl built... Not because I'm lazy,but because I'm just not able anymore... Can't wait for the ah it'll be fine stage 3 420 fat boy gets down the road with a quickness bike kit!!
bradley berdahl
bradley berdahl Ditë më parë
im digging my old scooter out...just started watching ,and love the show!!! got an old coleman....it runs great ,i use it to fish with as i have back issues. now im gonna have to work on it a little its been sitting for 2 winters now.....anyway great job on the show ,I love it!
josh f
josh f Ditë më parë
The recovery bike lol
Old Skool Only
Old Skool Only Ditë më parë
If only they were available to us Aussies. Great looking kit
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico Ditë më parë
You guys should paint the rear sprocket black with matching splatter paint
FJ80Coop Ditë më parë
Maybe I've gotten older but I don't see 2 large in that little bike unless the powder coater and chromer both made a serious killing or Ike charged his perfesshunal shop rates for paint and assembly...
Nut Twg
Nut Twg Ditë më parë
Build a long drag trike out of a mini bike with a Harley motor a small one
Robert G
Robert G Ditë më parë
$900 and you still need paint and an engine? No thanks.
islandnite77 Ditë më parë
Putting red splatter paint will just hide your own bleeding when you wipe out badly...lol
scottcol23 Ditë më parë
$849 with no engine? Anyway... Love the content guys! keep up the great work.
Greg Baker
Greg Baker Ditë më parë
I need coupon code for go powersports
FJ80Coop Ditë më parë
Contact the Eastwood company and buy a powder coating machine and all the colors and finishes you want(not very expensive) and pick up a used electric stove for cheap,enlarge the oven itself by adding sheet metal and a bigger door and voila powder coating on the down lo cost... Under 500 bux total and you're in bidness to pc any part for any mini bike or kart except for exhaust pipes or mufflers..
Review Account
Review Account Ditë më parë
I liked this channel for years, when it was a kart channel. If you can be entertained by this mini bike content, I am happy for you and C&C, but I hope they get back to more substantial builds soon.
David price
David price Ditë më parë
Umm, you kids are the "Dope" (Ask my son would say.). One thing I noticed, "Where's the Red Loctite ?"
XForeverNinjaX Ditë më parë
Granted it's about a month away but you guys should check out the VMBC (Vintage Motor Bike Club) meet in Portland, Indiana. Lots of classic bikes, scooters and motorcycles. Including Cushmans, Whizzers, Hondas and all sorts of other classics. Would be cool as hell to see you guys there!!!
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan Ditë më parë
All that lifting pork lol
Jesus Warrior
Jesus Warrior Ditë më parë
Awesome stuff good deeds.... Just overrated to be honest
Albert Peterson
Albert Peterson Ditë më parë
Hey Guys One The Most Amazing Builds You Have Done. Can't Wait For Your Take On The Rascal Build
larry_to_goated Ditë më parë
The value increased when you rid it
N English
N English Ditë më parë
put a plastic bag over the bolts before you put the ratchet on them and it'll save the powder coat or paint
Lawrence Carpenter
Lawrence Carpenter Ditë më parë
$895 without a motor is high way robbery.And anyone who doesn't think so has more money than brains.
David Kelm
David Kelm Ditë më parë
So ya wanna own a beamer off road ? 😅
tylerwarpow Ditë më parë
Yo that cost is more than the car I'm driving shezz I'd rather drive that to work at least the breaks work
David Recker
David Recker Ditë më parë
Guys it's powder coated if it's good paint you shouldn't have to worry about scratching it I make the stuff it'll be fine
Jon Ditë më parë
Handle bars before the wheels sounds right to me!
David Kelm
David Kelm Ditë më parë
HonDuki 👍✌
passmedatloud 42O
passmedatloud 42O Ditë më parë
I lile yo cut G