4x4 Bronco Power Wheels Go Kart First Rip! | Mud Run, Jumps, & More!

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Troy Thornburg
Troy Thornburg 11 ditë më parë
You guys should build a Honda grom into a mini street bike
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia 15 ditë më parë
Would like to see more riding a lot of the time we see a project ride once and don’t see it for a year
Dale Miller
Dale Miller 19 ditë më parë
Make a two seater yerf dog go kart in to a 4x4
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett 28 ditë më parë
is this the first belt prob on a torx converter. I have a yerf dog with a 30 comet. Shredded 2 beats in 3 months.
Daniel Landberg
Daniel Landberg Muaj më parë
Why not use muriatic acid to remove the galvanize coating?
Dax Carr
Dax Carr Muaj më parë
Build a go cart that I can actually fly in the air and go on the ground
Keith Markowski
Keith Markowski Muaj më parë
Definitely would be legit to see you guys build a tracked cart instead of a wheeled one
16driver16 Muaj më parë
The gas filler should come up at a 45° angle imo, split looks amd function perfectly.
Jason Plant
Jason Plant Muaj më parë
"Again padding around the seating area will make a world of diffrence."
Travis Farmer
Travis Farmer Muaj më parë
it would be great to see a completely over the top build with a Predator 670! something like this build, but even bigger and better! love the channel!
Bob Adam
Bob Adam Muaj më parë
How about a will it run/make it run rally. Where you take every cart/minibike that can run or can run with minor effort and line them all up. Might be nice to see some of the older ones.
tracy stinson
tracy stinson Muaj më parë
Good job guys, it is fun to see what all you guys get into and build! Thank you so much for keeping it clean and not talking all the profanity that a lot of other guys do on their channels. It's a relief to be able to watch something without all the cuss words that people seem to think is necessary in order to impress their viewers. Keep up the good work and keep on building!!! God bless
CTeddy Muaj më parë
Time for a boat?
shanco73 Muaj më parë
Love the Bronco!
Chas Addison
Chas Addison Muaj më parë
I would like to drive and test some of these builds in Louisiana. Lol
Andy Hughs
Andy Hughs Muaj më parë
Lv it bro ace
William Broome
William Broome Muaj më parë
Two 420s on the rear of a long wheelbase cart. Let er rip
Conan Ruisi
Conan Ruisi Muaj më parë
I’m pretty pissed off, disappointed, and annoyed that you two show off such a wide skill set but then get fucking halted on your trophy truck build due to the rear end? Shorten a fucking Ford 9 inch and stick magnesium internals in it. Like god fucking damn it you’re still posting videos about it but are you boys for real throwing in the towel?? Disappointing. Got no other words other than disappointing you can find a new axle and shorten it so easily. Disappointing do better. 4wd kart is coming along nicely though
Eric Norris
Eric Norris Muaj më parë
Love the content guy's !!! Keep it up!!!
EmilioLEANDRO Todo
EmilioLEANDRO Todo Muaj më parë
a Suzuki gsxR Engine our something like that, cant be cool in the 4x4 cart but its bether to Swap Everything from the bronco 4x4 the Stuff in the yardcard to be a biger bronco cart !!! 👍🏼😉👌🏼
Damian Harrington
Damian Harrington Muaj më parë
Let’s see sum mud racing! Machines v.s. Machines
NOmad SZ
NOmad SZ Muaj më parë
time to put the big boy pants on and find a ZX10, R1 or GSXR1000 or Hayabusa engine all good for over 130bhp. or if you can get a sponsor a 1000cc BMW RR almost 200bhp and make cross car version two with AWD, 12" or more suspension running ATV wheel and 28" tyres, you have the pipe bender, and cnc table , man side single seater to smash on the big course record
Zachary West
Zachary West Muaj më parë
Try to get it stuck
Logan Cushman
Logan Cushman Muaj më parë
Can’t remember if you guys have a lake/ pond but a 212cc boat would be super cool
Asmitty Smith
Asmitty Smith Muaj më parë
Any links to get the suspension upgrade for Coleman 200u please help
willowbrook hermit
willowbrook hermit Muaj më parë
Where is the new cooking stuff From go powersports
Richard McClary
Richard McClary Muaj më parë
Why didn't you use a 45° elbow on that fuel fill neck
kevin auman
kevin auman Muaj më parë
Duuuude i freaking love this thing!!! Once you boys get'r dialed in and geared right she's gonna go damn near anywhere lol will deff help in all thos deep mud holes and stuff at Bosco Beach
David Tornow
David Tornow Muaj më parë
Revus Muaj më parë
seeing the trophy kart in the background under a tarp makes it look like a decommissioned war vehicle.
Wade Gardner
Wade Gardner Muaj më parë
90cc three wheeler turn it into a fat bike.
Jody Chadd
Jody Chadd Muaj më parë
Start using 4 stroke dirt bike engines , honestly forget the lawn mower engines
Outdoor life
Outdoor life Muaj më parë
manco dingo bulid
Jordan Harig
Jordan Harig Muaj më parë
make a bigger power wheel build for issac
Levi D Bateman
Levi D Bateman Muaj më parë
So awesome!! Get the gearing right and film some more!! And I say rebuild the monster truck with what you learned...
Angel Lopp
Angel Lopp Muaj më parë
3 wheeler to mini bike
Bryan Muaj më parë
Don’t let that flaming kerosene heater, sitting 6 feet from your spilling fuel, be of any concern...
Nate Lee
Nate Lee Muaj më parë
Shopping cart go kart!
hunterrr wlodarczyk
hunterrr wlodarczyk Muaj më parë
For your next project, you need to turn a couch into a go-kart. Can I get a thumbs up on this comment?🤞
Donald Fuller
Donald Fuller Muaj më parë
Don't be afraid of welding galvanized steel it's a myth that it is dangerous.
Dick Brugh
Dick Brugh Muaj më parë
These guys look like they have so much fun! I love playing with go karts, but these guys are obsessed. That’s not a bad thing!
Thomas Turner54
Thomas Turner54 Muaj më parë
You need to build a mud mower
Lil Hustler
Lil Hustler Muaj më parë
Yes I bought a hoodie to get into the contest but never seen you guys do a drawing.....what gives?
OffroadLife 78
OffroadLife 78 Muaj më parë
What will the one million subscriber special be?
Lee a
Lee a Muaj më parë
I would like to see you guy's do a snow dog track sled.
Carl's Computer Hardware
Carl's Computer Hardware Muaj më parë
you know if you bring those rear shocks further up that pipe you will get a little stiffer suspension
DrThreeBalls Muaj më parë
Hey guys they featured your cart on this video alpost.info/mine/gpnKxp_WiKPcZKc/video
DrThreeBalls Muaj më parë
At. 0:43
Mr. H
Mr. H Muaj më parë
Build a new race mower! A USLMRA looking one
Pnuta Mechatronix
Pnuta Mechatronix Muaj më parë
Make a road legal single seat race car
Rebel Fabrication
Rebel Fabrication Muaj më parë
If you stretched that bronco about another 12" that thing would probably be allot more stable and comfortable. But nice work over all. Love the work you guys do. I'm a fellow fabricator builder as well. Keep on keeping on!!
JrCarmel Muaj më parë
make a new kart for the street using a motorcycle engine for autocross like Formula SAE!!! Heck just fix the crosskart and take that to the autocross!!
Charged up
Charged up Muaj më parë
I love this Channel, you guys should built another 750cc cross cart so ya can go riding together!!!
Projectxt 13
Projectxt 13 Muaj më parë
Quick question. Would a centrifugal clutch or a centrifugal disk clutch still work when submerged underwater????
Cyclopsbiker1 Muaj më parë
The pulse usually goes to the intake manifold as I have one on my generator and it gets the pulse from the intake manifold
Jeremy hanna
Jeremy hanna Muaj më parë
Fix cross kart and draggerst next build off road recovery vechile with flat bed for hauling broken carts tools that sorta stuff
Mike Z
Mike Z Muaj më parë
Drag cart!! 😁
Scott Kievning
Scott Kievning Muaj më parë
4bangerlove Muaj më parë
I thought this was supposed to be a rock crawling build? Make it crawl
Colin Gotch
Colin Gotch Muaj më parë
More shit on wheels. All the time you spend on every shit little project like this waste of life and you could have studied and built something that possibly goes and handled well. Instead, just keep pumping out these underpowered, dangerously engineered and ugly little shit boxes. I feel the desperation and it’s sad.
handyhippie65 Muaj më parë
shoulda used a 45 elbow instead of a 90 on the filler neck. yeah, i know. where was i when you were in the store. prolly takin a nap, or makin a sammich since i'm laid up at the moment. at least you ain't got the snow we gots up here, although snow ain't muddy.
Ryder Wagner
Ryder Wagner Muaj më parë
Cool I love you guys videos
Rod Tutt
Rod Tutt Muaj më parë
all electric buggy?
Eddie Hamele
Eddie Hamele Muaj më parë
build a power wheels mud truck
Jimmy C and Friends
Jimmy C and Friends Muaj më parë
A Lawn Tractor Tow Truck would be cool to have around.
Ok Sashok
Ok Sashok Muaj më parë
What can you say about our project? My son and I tried very hard)) alpost.info/mine/j66tq5TJl4GuqnU/video
TheRoadhammer379 Muaj më parë
The beard is 💯!!
Chris Baumann
Chris Baumann Muaj më parë
Make a 3 wheeler into a 2 wheeler.
james price
james price Muaj më parë
"2 stroke"
james price
james price Muaj më parë
bring out the dragster but replace the 670 with that big stroke engine yall have
CertifyThis Muaj më parë
They made a pulse pump seem like a big deal
Damien Peirce
Damien Peirce Muaj më parë
6x6 off-road beast
Johnny Baughman
Johnny Baughman Muaj më parë
That is so awesome
Noah Paulette
Noah Paulette Muaj më parë
Build a mini atv I think you could do it cheep with one of those Chinese engines ment for dual sport bikes. 200cc and eliminates the belt slip.
Noah Paulette
Noah Paulette Muaj më parë
Get the smallest winch at harbour freight and put it on the front of that I know it adds weight but not only would it look cool it would be pretty useful when you Inevitably get stuck.
Waylon Greenhaw
Waylon Greenhaw Muaj më parë
take it though the creek
gregmadangar Muaj më parë
I really want to see you stick some small truck axles under a go cart to make a mini crawler!
Terry Cavanah
Terry Cavanah Muaj më parë
Off road knobby tires
Terry Cavanah
Terry Cavanah Muaj më parë
Stand up motorized kick scooter
Oskar Thelander
Oskar Thelander Muaj më parë
sheck your dms and let me know what you think
Robb Brock
Robb Brock Muaj më parë
Please build a high horsepower cross cart
Rex West
Rex West Muaj më parë
I know its not your style but you should do a dune buggy vw engine and all
Charlie Sayer
Charlie Sayer Muaj më parë
What's happening with the trophy kart? I wanna see it in action again!
Chicken Fingers
Chicken Fingers Muaj më parë
All these comments...I’m surprised you guys haven’t used a small block engine, shorten the drive shaft and rear axle and stuffed in a cross kart
Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett Muaj më parë
I like the four engine go-kart back maybe put some bigger tires and lift and send it on the off road course ..... OR build a 4x4 off road lifted lawn mower with a four wheeler engine
John Hill
John Hill Muaj më parë
John and Ike another awesome video. This Old Man really enjoying them. Thanks. 👍😎💝💝
Garrett R
Garrett R Muaj më parë
Push pull for throttle brake? Push for throttle pull for brake. I know you'd end up only one handing the wheel but itd work better than that mess of cables
TDF Muaj më parë
I challenge you to Build a small Cafe Racer from scratch with the lifan 125cc engine
Mad Trio Gaming
Mad Trio Gaming Muaj më parë
My opinion: you guys should change your name to karts and cameras
A Vapor
A Vapor Muaj më parë
Little have good little toys
A Vapor
A Vapor Muaj më parë
With a vent in the tank you could fill it faster.
Emmett Walker
Emmett Walker Muaj më parë
Bring back the 65 mph mower
Creepycrawler Muaj më parë
that thing is so cool, loved it slinging mud when you were walking beside it. I think you guys need to redo the monster truck into a 4x4 like how you did this one
markham1109 Muaj më parë
I think you totally sealed the fuel tank. Drill a 1/8" hole in your fuel tank cap to allow for consumption..
GM Services Cornwall LTD
GM Services Cornwall LTD Muaj më parë
Next project.mulit engine tractor pull unit.great channel.happy new year .mike 👍👍
Rear Engine Shop
Rear Engine Shop Muaj më parë
Sometimes you just have to send it! That thing looks like fun. Good work guys. 👍
Emmanuel Gutierrez
Emmanuel Gutierrez Muaj më parë
yall shld make a drag minibike made for speed
Blakely Kuzela
Blakely Kuzela Muaj më parë
Mount your caliper to the rear side of the axle hanger... It will tilt with the axle. Also, a one way valve at the other end of the fuel tank so you can fill it faster.
JessieJ Muaj më parë
Chain drive instead of belt drive will make a world of difference
D P Muaj më parë
You guys need to do a larger AWD kart with a larger motor
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir Muaj më parë
A 45° fuel neck would've been the right way to go, instead of a 90° followed by a 90° followed by yet another 90° lol. 😂 Also about 98% of pulse pumps are all the same.
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Sol Yanım
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Sol Yanım 12. Bölüm (Final)
Sol Yanım
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