I CRASHED OUR 1000cc Trophy Truck on the FIRST HOT LAP!

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2 muaj më parë

That's right, I crashed our custom built UTV mini trophy truck on the first hot lap around the CarsandCameras Grand Prix. Ike set a lightning fast time, and I thought I could beat it. Thankfully the damage isn't bad! I just bent a tie rod when I hit the tree. We also install floorpans, change our axle pinion angle, fine tune the shifter, and mount a cooling fan for the radiator in today's episode. The trophy kart set an impressive lap time before it was wrecked with a 1:03!
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Zxx Cvv
Zxx Cvv 6 orë më parë
that shaft could crash legs if it break
Trevor Price
Trevor Price 3 ditë më parë
put some jeep fenders on it.
gogglestone 4 ditë më parë
Glad your ok John. Tree needs 2 go...
Diji 6 ditë më parë
11:05 and this friends is what they refer to in the industry as "foreshadowing"
Shaun Donahue
Shaun Donahue 9 ditë më parë
You fellas may need to build a car hauler style, 2 wheeled "tow truck" that you can just hitch up to a 4 wheeler.....for those times that you can"t limp it back to the shop.
Taylor McCarthy
Taylor McCarthy 13 ditë më parë
Damn john wrecks everything, maybe make like an ultra wide track for him so he can learn 😂
Carter2k 15 ditë më parë
Ike hit a bush😂
maccoman71852 20 ditë më parë
Push trees over roots n all Bury hole Problem solved
mino halo
mino halo 21 ditë më parë
You should put a bull bar on it
Philip Goldie
Philip Goldie 25 ditë më parë
I’d like to see you guys put a motorcycle engine in a smart car
205 JAB
205 JAB 26 ditë më parë
Once again its proven, that you can't steer while your front tires are locked up.
Justin Owen
Justin Owen 26 ditë më parë
Yall might need some bumpers 😂😂
james cuthrell
james cuthrell 28 ditë më parë
John ! Oooooo! If I was close to you! You better be a karate instructor!
Big Papa
Big Papa 29 ditë më parë
You know what guys don't let it get to you I know this video is a little bit old. But you guys are super talented you guys can fix it and make it better put a strong steel bumper right on the front of that thing. We all make mistakes I do a lot as well I do a lot of 4-wheeling. And if it makes you feel better about a month ago I flipped a $28,000 RZR 1000 turbo before its first payment. It was my mother's LOL it's fine it didn't damage it hardly at all but I was super embarrassed. I love watching your guys's videos you guys are a great inspiration to me. I think I'm going to take one of my Chevy Blazers and turn it into what you have right there. I have three Chevy Blazer is in one of them doesn't have a frame anymore so I think that's going to be my guinea pig it's rock solid good 4x4 everything's fine frame is Rusted to hell. Enjoying your videos please keep coming up with more. And if you want something to work on I can always bring you the Blazer LOL maybe you can build it into something cool for me and yes I will share LOL
Dale Whitmore
Dale Whitmore Muaj më parë
Charging battery (hydrogen) and grinding sparks don't go well together lol
Shades McGee
Shades McGee Muaj më parë
20:39 "I'm the tree killer; I EXCLUSIVELY hit trees." All the dislikes are from the trees John has hit.
Dustin h
Dustin h Muaj më parë
Was the coolest build
aja342 Muaj më parë
Richard Wright
Richard Wright Muaj më parë
4 or 5 1 inch welds are better than 100 tack welds . tack welding does not get enough penetration. if you are gonna drive it make it strong. 1 inch weld every 3 to 4 inches
Tone Pemberton
Tone Pemberton Muaj më parë
I would just like to find a clutch or the other half of torque converter every place around here dobt have anything for a poor farm boy cheapest I can find 80$ for centrifugal junk clutch 200 miles away along ways on a horse
Yuichiro Ichinose
Yuichiro Ichinose Muaj më parë
william windex
william windex Muaj më parë
man it does sound nasty! and moves out!!!!
Aaron Lord Music
Aaron Lord Music Muaj më parë
Dammit John...I’m almost positive that it’s time to cut that, and all of the trail-side trees down.
Maria Castellanos
Maria Castellanos Muaj më parë
I CRSHED IT!!!!!!!!!
Steven Bryant
Steven Bryant Muaj më parë
Those trees gotta go the one to the back left of where it crashed and the 2 in front of it
Terbiz23 Muaj më parë
T34 The American heavy tank
T34 The American heavy tank Muaj më parë
Ike is *not* happy, i can hear how pissed he is
John Hawk
John Hawk Muaj më parë
Have you ever thought about having 3 u joints? It would be smoother and less rough
john moser
john moser Muaj më parë
A high speed jog in the woods is a recipe for disaster get the chainsaw
Kyle Burks
Kyle Burks Muaj më parë
14:22 the word "we" gets used a little liberally there.
Jamie Moorcroft
Jamie Moorcroft Muaj më parë
John: “Yeh it’s bad, I hit a tree” “other than that she’s ready to go again!” “I just did a safety check”
CyberKalle Muaj më parë
wanting awinner
wanting awinner Muaj më parë
you guys should do an A-team style video , building something brilliant from a bunch of junk, with kinda the same music. would be great.
Robert Drayfahl
Robert Drayfahl Muaj më parë
Depending on how long the driveshaft is, a jeep front driveshaft with a cardon joint might be perfect
dyl_an Muaj më parë
hey at least the kart held up good
Daniel S
Daniel S Muaj më parë
i want one .
NBRW Muaj më parë
That’s something that you go pick up your girlfriend in
Chrisl Pauli
Chrisl Pauli Muaj më parë
Wow that sounds amazing in that truck
Yuzaki Muaj më parë
I knew you would do that. It was just a matter of time
Gerald vlogs
Gerald vlogs Muaj më parë
Who is Johns dad Richard Hammond
Javonte Shavers
Javonte Shavers Muaj më parë
Exactly why I never let anyone ride my go kart, you ain’t gotta lie to my face
craig engelman
craig engelman Muaj më parë
this is the reason we buy tires that go what we drive in ! clapped out 1000cc motor running on 2.5 cylinders making all of 40ish hp . that thing looks like some one puked and boom theres the design . the amount off wrong on this pos is insane . take out that junk motor and that junk weighs the same as 3 mini trophy trucks . this is what a trophy kart is suppose to be www.trophykart.com/tk-600r/
Michael Tilley
Michael Tilley Muaj më parë
Hey good morning friends I enjoy show u host I love episode so cool nice in good day and great job
Nicks backyardprojects
Nicks backyardprojects Muaj më parë
I'm just starting a build of similar design, except I'm using a 1300 vtwin and building a chain driven irs setup for the rear. I'm setting my engine way back to where the transmission will be between my feet that way I can keep the wheelbase short.
iDoit4LoLz Muaj më parë
I think it's time to make firewood out of THAT tree.
derek2007 Muaj më parë
So why not add a bar across the front like bumper?
LindaStevensBZ Muaj më parë
If you cut down the trees none of your previous times will be relevant
Mountainman256 2 muaj më parë
I know you get 1000s of comments, but I really like to know more about the clutch/brake combo assembly you guys use on the trophy cart. I have a tomberlin punisher that has a suzuki katana 1100 mounted on it. Would be nice to go with a 2 pedal system.
Cesar Aguiniga
Cesar Aguiniga 2 muaj më parë
Dont let that man drive no more or get that tree out
pat loughner
pat loughner 2 muaj më parë
Ike seems kind of pissed about the wreck.
Rob Belk
Rob Belk 2 muaj më parë
At least yet ok👍👍
Todd Gerhardt
Todd Gerhardt 2 muaj më parë
U guys smoked out the shop? No wonder he wrecked! haha
isac scot
isac scot 2 muaj më parë
very good
Scotty Douglass
Scotty Douglass 2 muaj më parë
At our house when we remove a tree we plant two new ones. Looks like 6 new trees are in your future
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir 2 muaj më parë
That's why you don't hot lap a project that takes months to build without first building a full bash bar
Norse Viking Æsir
Norse Viking Æsir 2 muaj më parë
Nobody plans on rolling anything...
Robert Belote
Robert Belote 2 muaj më parë
The Black Helmets
The Black Helmets 2 muaj më parë
I was wearing all my gear though
The Black Helmets
The Black Helmets 2 muaj më parë
I was on my KX85 in 3rd ripping in the woods down in georgia and I clipped a tree and my bike got hung up and I got slung off about 20 or 30ft and I broke my are and rode back to TN with a broken arm
Joshua Bell
Joshua Bell 2 muaj më parë
Has John bought a Mustang or something? 😂
Pyronious520 2 muaj më parë
Would some big fatter tires help the power get to the ground?! Of course tree smashing might be more dangerous at faster speeds. lol Nice hit!
Jason Lemon
Jason Lemon 2 muaj më parë
dana liechty
dana liechty 2 muaj më parë
Ok put a harness in there for safety boys, and why don’t you try a t-handle shifter, and I’d be cutting these trees out and pulling the stumps out very soon too
John Hill
John Hill 2 muaj më parë
Cut down and remove the tree
Carl Malone
Carl Malone 2 muaj më parë
That thing is a big turkey.
Mat Szylvester
Mat Szylvester 2 muaj më parë
Didn't he break the 750cc cart to keep him on the 5hp lol
AL DPHB 2 muaj më parë
I can see something here. CarsandCameras 1,000 cc trophy truck v.s. Grind Hard Plumbing Co 2JZ lawn mower (the trophy truck might not have that much of a chance in power against the 2jz lawn mower, but I think it will be a good video collab in my opinion)
kops .fan20
kops .fan20 2 muaj më parë
Tree killer aye?
Chonner Cork
Chonner Cork 2 muaj më parë
Excuses for crashing just man up and its way more messed up then a tie rod end
killer cane
killer cane 2 muaj më parë
im not mad im just disappointed
Brian Proffitt
Brian Proffitt 2 muaj më parë
The Ducati motor in the cross kart maybe 👀
Speedy Boi
Speedy Boi 2 muaj më parë
My favorite from all their builds i think cause im still checking out their channel
Jason Heberling
Jason Heberling 2 muaj më parë
mount the radiator up high behind the seat better air flow and wont get torn up
Elliott Kim
Elliott Kim 2 muaj më parë
Ike: “for all the tree lovers out there” shows graphic images of a damaged tree. But in all seriousness thanks Ike for being a tree lover
Preston Rigsby
Preston Rigsby 2 muaj më parë
but also you guys need a bigger staring wheel lol
Meifesto 2 muaj më parë
Will the Grand Prix will stay Grand Prix worthy if you remove 2 trees? Isn't a greater test of manoeuvrability and corner speed with the trees?
Jerry Irick
Jerry Irick 2 muaj më parë
Is there anything he hasn't crashed ?
Richard Minish
Richard Minish 2 muaj më parë
Ike said hes never hit a tree but I'm pretty sure there was a tree that he hit way back in the day in the 670 go cart on a wheelie when he killed the Bush at John's parents house
X Y 2 muaj më parë
No masks...that's wassup... :)
Toby Gert
Toby Gert 2 muaj më parë
Yo I'm a kid that knows a lot about this stuff and I love the channel. And I think you should really add 2 spare tire to the back it would look so cool.
Craig Hight
Craig Hight 2 muaj më parë
jonh stay behind the camera!
Thomas Rinaldi
Thomas Rinaldi 2 muaj më parë
That table is awesome!!!!!!!
Damage Inc.
Damage Inc. 2 muaj më parë
John: "Viewers at home, I'm better than this." Viewers at home: "No, No you're not, since you've crashed most of the vehicles that Isaac has made."
Adam Grumadas
Adam Grumadas 2 muaj më parë
If you want to see me hit more trees and ike blow up more motors link in the in the description lhhhh
Adam Grumadas
Adam Grumadas 2 muaj më parë
Lol you want a ride not with you driven so uh John hit a tree no surprise lmao
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez 2 muaj më parë
I need a seat. Where can I get one?
Trevor Leonard
Trevor Leonard 2 muaj më parë
Way to go John ! That's why you cant have nice things..
john beach
john beach 2 muaj më parë
I felt bad for John. I think he was more upset about it than he let on. At least y'all are capable of repairing and improving the design. Might be a good idea to fabricate a bumper with coil springs behind it. Cut your logo out of the front of the bumper and make it look as cool as the rest of it.
john beach
john beach 2 muaj më parë
Hey Ike, I think you guys have built an autocross winner. Just need some smaller diameter tires with a flat profile. Slicks if they're permitted. Think you guys might give it a try?
john beach
john beach 2 muaj më parë
Got a spare constant velocity joint laying around somewhere?
john beach
john beach 2 muaj më parë
Bet it doesn't rattle anymore :D
john beach
john beach 2 muaj më parë
Nick Hall
Nick Hall 2 muaj më parë
Lol “did you hit that tree too”???
Randall Grow
Randall Grow 2 muaj më parë
Hey guys i am not sure but i may have an idea for your drive shaft problem. There is an old school air ride truck trick of using a cv axle in the drive shaft so there isnt ad much of a bind on it. Just a thought hope it helps.
Some Person
Some Person 2 muaj më parë
Why does John always wreck stuff the only time I’ve seen I wreck something was he flipped lawnmower lol
Reversible Polymer
Reversible Polymer 2 muaj më parë
you have to have 2 u-joints.....they cancel each other....one dont work
Kyler kemp
Kyler kemp 2 muaj më parë
I mean those shitty tires you got on your “trophy truck” might have something to do with 🤔
Leon Johnson
Leon Johnson 2 muaj më parë
If you alter the track (cut down the trees) you have to consider a new leader board
Crazy JinX
Crazy JinX 2 muaj më parë
"he's driving it harder than me" ".. he wrecked it, i bet he hit that tree" xD lmfao ike is literally always right tho unfortunately the brakes didnt lock up, i think his legs is too short :p
Junkyard Digs
Junkyard Digs 2 muaj më parë
"He wrecked it" 😂😂😂 I can account for at least 37 of the near misses on that tree. She needs to go😂
ThePlaytato Muaj më parë
no replies huh?
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