Honda Z50 Sitting in the Woods for 20 Years, Can We Resurrect It?

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We bring a classic Honda Z50 mini bike back from the brink! We found and bought 8 Honda Z50s that had been sitting in the woods for 20 years- so far we’ve made there of them run, and in today’s video, we’re working on the fourth. The wheels, seats, fuel tanks, and engine components are so badly deteriorated that out of five remaining parts bikes, we struggled to build one more complete mini bike. We chose to work on the silver tag Z50, which was originally orange but has faded to silver over the years in the sun. A guy from the DMV comes by and helps us get the ball rolling on getting titles for these little motorcycles so we can ride them on the road!
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Build Prone
Build Prone 10 ditë më parë
As for the older ones not having rear suspension is wrong. They had 2 models the z50 and the qa50 the qa50 doesn't have rear shocks and wasn't street legal were as the z50 does and it
Tim Rivers
Tim Rivers 14 ditë më parë
From what I read silver tag z50s are 1969 and older and collectors prefer them more
Nicholas and Rhiana
Nicholas and Rhiana 23 ditë më parë
One hundred percent need more mini bike builds
NoTtOGoOd 24 ditë më parë
get carby cleaner and use it on the inside of the tank and or rust converter with the stuff you put in it and while rotating it to clean it you will get a better result.
TNitro N
TNitro N 26 ditë më parë
I had a mini trail 50 in the late 60s. It was red and said Mini Trail on it not a Z. Great little bike would go about 26 mph. I think it was a 1969
Dj Robinson
Dj Robinson Muaj më parë
is it just me or i like them so much everyone i wake up i watch them like rn i went to sleep at 7:30 for some reason and woke up at 1am witch is rn and just turned on there video and ate some eegees lol
Josef Mechanic
Josef Mechanic Muaj më parë
I enjoy this and I wish I had one to restore
Russ Muaj më parë
Grey one looks like it’s a 74 or something. I’d say 74
Uptin Sinclaire
Uptin Sinclaire Muaj më parë
Sorry. No such thing as a silver tag soft tail. Silver tags would have been 1968 hard tail bikes. You should check out Jeremy Polson's books on the CT70s and Z50s.
JE Vintage Honda Minis Restorations - Orlando FL
JE Vintage Honda Minis Restorations - Orlando FL Muaj më parë
Check out my youtube channel for Tips / Tricks while working on these Honda CT70s and Z50s. Click on my Logo to get there.
FILZ F Muaj më parë
YesSiRr!! blokes are heKktiK!! LoL!! Good stuff!! Love de videos boys! Thankz for sharing some Of ur knowledge!! Haha!!
Jason Plant
Jason Plant Muaj më parë
I just bought a 185s.x.l. Its an 81,in almost perfect condition. 1300,miles. And now I know how to look for the tag. I've actually got the original title with the advertisement brochures still in the honda envelope.
James G
James G Muaj më parë
Love the burnout!!! 😂
Gokarts, Minibikes, and more!
Gokarts, Minibikes, and more! Muaj më parë
When cleaning the tanks use white vinegar with the bolts and nuts and such
Meifesto Muaj më parë
Tanksealant is interesting stuff. Might have to try and find some here.
John Barbarich
John Barbarich Muaj më parë
You guys should seek out a Honda SL70 and do one of your restos on it....always waned one of those when I was a kid...
MudBogg Mods
MudBogg Mods Muaj më parë
1978 Honda Z50 Mini Trail 50
MudBogg Mods
MudBogg Mods Muaj më parë
make this pop so they can see it
Bob Dailey
Bob Dailey Muaj më parë
Holy crap. About a new phone and they must have wiped all of my ALpost subscriptions . I missed you guys, and Isaac went from naked face to hair face. Don't get me wrong I have been growing my beard for the last 4 years and I am below nipple level
Nathan Lovern
Nathan Lovern Muaj më parë
Soaking the tank in vinegar for few days will take all the rust away. With that one probably need a 3-5 gallon bucket filled with vinegar
Charles Price
Charles Price Muaj më parë
The decal looks like the one my neighbor had when I was a kid, it was brown not orange and it was a 1975 to 77, I actually had a 1977 xr75. I always thought all Z-50’s had rear suspension, the older QA-50’s didn’t have rear suspension. I grew up with these bikes, the Honda ST-90 the CT-70’s. A friend had a 1975 XR-75 they were still grey and had a 4 speed transmission. Brings back some good memories.
Murdernikl69 Muaj më parë
Kreem tank sealer works the best.
James _madness
James _madness Muaj më parë
I have a 2 setting go cart frame and a engine but the engine has no carburetor and I was wondering if y’all want it
Slim Jim Sanji
Slim Jim Sanji Muaj më parë
I enjoy you guys restoring antique vehicles
Bob Adam
Bob Adam Muaj më parë your advertising is working. Someone just asked me where to get parts for a gocart, and if not for the Ducarti and my newfound interest in this channel I'd have never been able to tell them where to go. So keep it up!
Dan Hessler
Dan Hessler Muaj më parë
I finished my go cart and just took it for a drive. I posted it and would like some feedback. You know i got the cars and camera stickers on it too
Matt Woomer
Matt Woomer Muaj më parë
What if it comes back stolen and nobody claims it do you get to keep it or do they sill take it???
Bryan Mcdonough
Bryan Mcdonough Muaj më parë
Hey guys!! Great channel and I’ve learned a lot about predator engines... which is why I’m reaching out to y’all. So I have a db30 minibike that I just put a predator 212 on it, rode for a week stock and did just fine, gotta knock off mikuni from go power sports last week, I put it on yday and it would crank but stall out due to the governor not being connected “I think”, so I decided I would take the motor apart and actually remove the gov and oil sensor. So I opened it up took out the parts and all went well EXCEPT the smaller gear on the right fell out with the front push rod, I put the rod back in and lined the dots up on the gears and put everything back in place. Resealed the motor, put oil in it and reconnected the gas. Well now it won’t crank to save my life!! I’m getting spark and getting fuel to carb but for some reason it still won’t crank, I’ve adjusted the fuel screw in and out on bottom of mikuni carb and it makes no difference :/ I was mainly wondering what the issue might could be and if something messed up wen the gear and rod fell out, cuz I just put it back in place. Was I supposed to make sure the rod went in a certain way maybe?? Idk wats going on or wat I need to adjust to make it run again and was hoping U guys might have some info about what it might be. I’ve asked everyone I know but no one has any knowledge on small engines and I’m learning as I go lol please please get back to me if u don’t mind via email - I can send u my number if talking in person would be easier lol but I’m thinking I need to adjust the valves or something with the push rods but really need some help on this cuz my kid is ready to ride! But keep up the good work and keep that information coming. Imma keep researching in the mean time. Love u guys and I’m sure “it’ll be fine!” Lol
Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider Muaj më parë
What is the puddy you guys used?
Bas BlasterXP
Bas BlasterXP Muaj më parë
Honda DAX?
suspicious delicious
suspicious delicious Muaj më parë
why don’t y’all use briggs and stratton like you use tilton and predator. i think b&s is a really reliable brand. let me know what you think!!! i’m a big fan. been here since 2016! also my favorite build is the ducarti and the rat rod wagon.
Mike Jeffers
Mike Jeffers Muaj më parë
my back HURTS
my back HURTS Muaj më parë
I mean I guess that’s one way to use a milling machine
Tumbledown 30
Tumbledown 30 Muaj më parë
Vin number this, vin number that, I can’t take it anymore!!!!!!! It’s just vin.
Renee Douglas
Renee Douglas Muaj më parë
What happend to the trophy buggy thingy you guys were working on
Melvin the Mechanic
Melvin the Mechanic Muaj më parë
James bond 😂😂😂
Cory Gilbert
Cory Gilbert Muaj më parë
Now that you have that plasma table, you should really try to make a cart just to handle the power of the 900cc Ducati engine. Suspension, traction, and disposable tires!
mrmadmike427 Muaj më parë
Gas and Marvels Mystery oil will clean the rust crap out of the tank
Joe Guilfoyle
Joe Guilfoyle Muaj më parë
Holy moley tanks . Why would you want to put them on the road . It might be fun but a opposing car on a road would blow you all over. BE SAFE
Philip Boismier
Philip Boismier Muaj më parë
So how long does the bond last After u do this is it possible to sell it ?
RustbrosFan Muaj më parë
CarsandCameras could you try looking for a 1983-84 Honda QR50 Mini Moto & get it running they are pretty small bikes. I used to have 2 of them
Mac Clark
Mac Clark Muaj më parë
Sounds like the state makes out like bandits.
Jestin Gravely
Jestin Gravely Muaj më parë
I watched a video on junk yard digs he was buying a three waller and there was some 50s like yall have the looked good
7thsign The Northcoast1
7thsign The Northcoast1 Muaj më parë
So how long do you have to carry the bond ? Like how long do they give for someone to say hey that’s mine
ghost- carnage
ghost- carnage Muaj më parë
I SEEN A Z50 IN LIKE MINT CONDITION ONCE AND DIDNT BUY IT! WAS 2100$ and I was like wtf nah, now I know I should have probably bought it. It didn't run, but there was no rust. It was blue and still kinda shiny. Looked nice...
Jim A
Jim A Muaj më parë
I was like (14?) back when the Honda 70 Mini Trail Came Out... I Don't Remember EVER Killing One ?? Back then, the only Weird thing about them, Was The Auto 3 Speed (NO Clutch) Shifting.... Lots Of FUN Go Any-Where Little Trailblazer... I Enjoy Watching This U-Tube Channel.... You'v Always Got, Fun Cool Projects Goin On ..... : )
Hammerjockey Radios
Hammerjockey Radios Muaj më parë
How do I go about mailing you guys something? I’ve got a little treat you guys will enjoy using
lukas boyer
lukas boyer Muaj më parë
You should road trip z50s
A.S. C.
A.S. C. Muaj më parë
Been wanting to ask for a while but what is under that plywood floor? It looks really flat so is it directly on concrete and if it is, why cover that floor? I’m just curious I guess.
The Only Static Focus
The Only Static Focus Muaj më parë
Shaking the old gas tanks was like trying to get the last penny out of your piggy bank lol
Luis Velez
Luis Velez Muaj më parë
Just listening to you guys talking about the stuff you know about these old bikes, makes me wonder how'd you guys gather all this info?
ghetto Santa
ghetto Santa Muaj më parë
There's one of these on a big pull outside a motorcycle shop in my town been wanting to buy it get it down since I was a kid lmao looks in ok condition
Demetrius Sanders
Demetrius Sanders Muaj më parë
Can i have 212 cc Predator please
JmD52 Muaj më parë
Brilliant use of an old brake lathe!! I've turned some strange stuff including a flywheel, but never a rock tumbler gas tank cleaner. Genius!!
Bruce Meyers
Bruce Meyers Muaj më parë
D and A Restorations will take care of you and all your needs
Bruce Meyers
Bruce Meyers Muaj më parë
Send them to Travis Gisclair he will get you fixed up
Leo Kline
Leo Kline Muaj më parë
Silver tag bikes did not come with the title. Looks like you have a 1974 Z50AK5 The color was called candy topaz Orange.
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies Muaj më parë
What would happen if you welded 2 z50s together and made a 4 wheel, 2 engined go-kart type thing?
James Glenn
James Glenn Muaj më parë
Right on guys saved another 👍 nice burnout🖖.
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies Muaj më parë
When are we going to see a brand new Honda Monkey to compare to the old models?
Marshall Brogan
Marshall Brogan Muaj më parë
with the growth both of you guys have shown you should be making gas tanks . it would make an interesting video
Steve Skouson
Steve Skouson Muaj më parë
Isaac, how would you recommend fixing a fuel leak, on a PhatMoto bike? Both tanks on my bikes leak. The Rover, and the off road bikes have tank leaks. Oh, both bikes have (or had) bad 6202 bearings on the jackshafts. I converted one to a 5/8ths shaft, (6202-5/8ths bearings) and have the other one to fix. It will get the 15 MM splined shaft, for now. (I've got this one, and a spare. And, extra bearings at work, if I need them.) steve
Steve Skouson
Steve Skouson Muaj më parë
@Isaac it'll be fine Yep, including that part that says "turn the tank over, and drain it."
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine Muaj më parë
Wash out the old tanks with degreaser let it dry thoroughly. Use the por15 tank sealer like the directions say. Good luck
Tall Boy
Tall Boy Muaj më parë
Cool Burnout to End 2020👌😁
Matt Olsen
Matt Olsen Muaj më parë
Z50 ak 3?
Erric D Johnson 74
Erric D Johnson 74 Muaj më parë
Nice pole dancing looked like things got a little heated 🤔🙄😁 Sounded good burning that tire off I love those little bikes I'd like to run across a good deal on a fixer upper Love the vids guys 🔥👍✌️
Sweeney Sweeney
Sweeney Sweeney Muaj më parë
The por 15 tank sealer is good👌sweet burn out
lildogman1 Muaj më parë
Does that lost title procedure work on cars with a lost title too?
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine Muaj më parë
Yep. Only on classic cars that are not in the system. If they find a trace in the system you will have to find prievious owner for a title
skinnyt Muaj më parë
nc is a nightmare to get titles...been there done that. even out of state classic cars is a nightmare...been there done that
Philip Cockram
Philip Cockram Muaj më parë
Cool stuff
Elijah Allen
Elijah Allen Muaj më parë
It looks like someone shot the silver gas tank with a BB gun lmao 😂
Nathaniel Langston
Nathaniel Langston Muaj më parë
Nathaniel Langston
Nathaniel Langston Muaj më parë
That's nice to have the process of getting a title for a vehicle that you purchased without one explained! If you look at the DMV website I think they intentionally make it seem like it's an impossible amount of work and never to try it!
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine Muaj më parë
It can be difficult
the Freeman adventure
the Freeman adventure Muaj më parë
Por15 FTW!! I used the kit. Part #49229 runs around 45 bucks
Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay Muaj më parë
Just ordered $200 in parts for my mini bike off Go Power Sports. I made sure to tell them Cars and Cameras sent me.
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine Muaj më parë
Thank you
Jeff E
Jeff E Muaj më parë
When I worked as a tech at a BMW Triumph dealer, all we used was the POR-15. It's great stuff.
Random videos Man
Random videos Man Muaj më parë
Use acetone in the tanks it is very helpful and it does the work for you basically
G C Muaj më parë
Your next challenge: Think Flight. Hot air balloon/helium...put that little guy on it and see how high he goes! Or better yet - experimental flying machine....
Bryan Muaj më parë
Love the burn out. Several years back, I was looking at a Trail 70 and Lifan (out of China) made tons of replacement parts for 50s, 70s and 90s; even complete engines. You could also buy a complete Trail 70 bike, with a bigger engine and electric start, for under $1K. You probably already know all that, but thought I’d pass it in to your viewers, if they are working on a similar project.
THE CINCY LIFE Muaj më parë
Honda z50ak4 came with shocks im pretty sure its the upgraded version if i remember the honda z50 monkey did not have shocks
Dre' The Cajun '81
Dre' The Cajun '81 Muaj më parë
4:12....Tank full of Nutmeg!!
Matthew Garven
Matthew Garven Muaj më parë
You should get a Max 6x6 like whistlen diesel
D-Ran Yatertots
D-Ran Yatertots Muaj më parë
You two need to invest in some Red Kote tank liner. Super tough, ethanol protection, usually takes a day to dry. It can be applied over rust if you need it going in a hurry. Edit: looks like you're way ahead of me
twocvbloke Muaj më parë
So much rust in the tanks, they're pretty much just held together with paint... :P
Mark Crumblin
Mark Crumblin Muaj më parë
Always enjoy
Justin Deckard
Justin Deckard Muaj më parë
That sucks that u have to fixing first cuz if it i stolen u lose your parts and labor cuz u don't have bond
Black tags mean stock standard, silver tags are the stock bike with customised options. . . . . . . Honda still does the same thing to this day on all their models. . . . . . . I have 2 CBR600RR's 1 is standard & has a black tag. . . . . . The other has every factory option available & has a pressed silver tag. . . . . The Tag alone is worth more then the entire bike. . . lucky you !
Trevor Muaj më parë
A silver tag was supposedly put on z50s that were made very early on in the year
Beast from the east
Beast from the east Muaj më parë
It can not be a 69 cause 69 did not come with rear shocks, 70 was first year shocks were introduced on them. And I could not find orange as a option yellow and gold there was a red and blue but no orange. So someone painted it that color. But there are silver tag 69 models. That is what the internet has said but we all know that the interwebs can be wrong.
Rookie Lock
Rookie Lock Muaj më parë
My cousin had an orange z50.. dont know much about it though.. My step brother had a trail 70 and I had an xr80.. These bikes bring back some fun memories, lol
Nick Rudd
Nick Rudd Muaj më parë
A great thing for freeing up seized small stuff is soak it in paraffin oil over night. Chains, Valves/Heads and stuff like that. Paraffin gets in everywhere.
Wags Muaj më parë
Soak your next tanks in Evaporust, it is like magic. I have used the stuff on rusted parts that I figured to be a lost cause. I have been blowen away everytime. Evaporust is completely safe on paint and i have had no problem with sticker as long as the rust isn't under said stickers.
Alexander Bradshaw
Alexander Bradshaw Muaj më parë
Ducati drag rail 2021🥴👀💯
Aydinkud Muaj më parë
Lovin the beards guys, they look amazing!
Bob Adam
Bob Adam Muaj më parë
It's the COVID caveman look. It's a popular look right now.
Jason Petrich
Jason Petrich Muaj më parë
In my state ( Washington ) any dirtbike's,atvs,street bikes, go carts boats, etc.. is only in the system for 7 years, without yearly title and tabs after that,you apply for lost title, the state patrol inspect it, issue 3 year temp plate and tags,then new title is sent to you after that. All cost is about $400 when said and done
Review Account
Review Account Muaj më parë
Why not use sand in the tanks, or maybe crushed glass? Wouldn't that be much better and get into all the small areas? Also, I like a good rusturation as the next guy, but do you ever plan to do a full and actual restoration? Blast, metal work, paint, and decals?
Isaac it'll be fine
Isaac it'll be fine Muaj më parë
Takes a little longer than i like. Not saying no but weve got to keep videos pumping out
james price
james price Muaj më parë
when i was a kid i had a gold honda mini trails z50 i think it was a mid 60s model it also had a silver tag and rear suspension so atleast some older ones did have rear suspension unless it bbeing the mini trails edition had a play in it but i kno it had to be rare because to this day havent seen another with same paint and chrome and graphics
t pants terrancelee
t pants terrancelee Muaj më parë
Maybe not... but for the smaller holes couldn’t you just kinda spot weld the tank back together?
wymansst Muaj më parë
The look of disdain while shaking out that silver tank..🙈
Honda Racing
Honda Racing Muaj më parë
I like the burnouts
Bush Ape
Bush Ape Muaj më parë
Ripper burn out man keep them 🔥
Bjørn Eric Wang
Bjørn Eric Wang Muaj më parë
Seems from the start of this video you guys found a bike that runs on powder. :)
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